Mobile Payment with integrated cashback

The new way to pay turns buyers and sellers into a unique shopping experience.

How does it work with DEDIPAY cashback?

Cashback creates a powerful motivation for customers to return to your store, driving customer loyalty and increasing the frequency of their purchases as they seek to maximise their cashback rewards.

What are the benefits of DEDIPAY?




Is DEDIPAY safe?

Payment license with a partner bank

All money within the Marketplace system, i.e. from customers and retailers, is securely deposited with our e-money institute partner bank.

Data storage on a German server

The customer data provided are subject to data protection law and are stored on a German server.

Deposit protection in line with EU guidelines

Securing of the funds through deposit protection funds up to 100,000 EDI per customer / retailer.

1 EDI equals to 1€

Protection against money laundering through the KYC process*

In order to transfer funds to a bank account a KYC must be completed. 

*KYC: Know Your Customer, legitimate Money Laundering Prevention

Download the App

Scan the QR-Code and download the app

You can scan the QR-Code with your smartphone camera. You will be redirect to your app store to download the app.

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