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Use DEDIPAY in your organisation, the convenient mobile payment with integrated cashback function.

Upgrade your community and make use of DEDIPAY! DEDIPAY!

Be the key driver to spread DEDIPAY within your community and participate with the option to give back.

Unleash the power of seamless transactions at your sports club!

Say goodbye to traditional hassles and hello to the future of convenience!

With our cutting-edge mobile payment system, you can effortlessly secure your tickets, indulge in your favorite snacks and drinks, all without the worry of losing loose change. Plus, we’re turning fandom into a rewarding experience – treat your loyal supporters with enticing cashback offers.

Embrace the modern era of fan engagement – your supporters will absolutely love it!

Festival-Bliss: Transform your payment experiences into rewards!

Step into seamless festival indulgence with mobile payments.

Revolutionise ticket, snack, and drink transactions, bidding farewell to coin inconveniences.

The game-changer?

Our cashback function. Partner for streamlined operations, amplifying fan loyalty through rewards.

Elevate festivals efficiently – an unforgettable experience begins with a tap!

Play a role as local authority to support your area!

Revitalise shopping streets with the dynamic duo of mobile payments and enticing cashback rewards, simplifying transactions and drawing consumers back to local businesses.

The prospect of instant cashback transforms our streets into vibrant hubs of economic activity, fostering community engagement and prosperity.

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